Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual veterinary care and what can it do for my pet?

Veterinary telehealth has been made possible through the ease of access to remote healthcare appointments. Telemedicine is now not only for humans, but for our pets as well. Vet telehealth appointments are veterinary appointments done through voice or video from the comfort of your own home. All you need for a veterinary telehealth appointment is a device with internet access! This makes vet care an accessible and easy way to visit the vet from the comfort of your home. Veterinary telehealth is the delivery of veterinary care online, either through video, voice or text chat.

What types of concerns can be addressed in a teleadvice vet visit?

Virtual vet consultations can help pet owners address:

  • Nutritional Questions
  • Dental questions
  • Allergy related issues
  • Arthritis issues
  • Behavioral and training issues
  • Multiple pets in household
  • Adding a new pet to your family