Our Story

We are a community of pet lovers and vet professionals dedicated to pet health, providing easy and convenient virtual vet advice. QuigVet was formed by Sara Mousavi, DVM, PhD, due to the increased capability of virtual visits and need for fast veterinary advice by pet owners. We are passionate about providing the best services conveniently on a virtual platform. We at QuigVet treat animals like they are part of the family, and will treat your pets the same.

QuigVet will save you time and is a cost effective service. With QuigVet you can be sure your pet’s wellness is our highest priority and in the best hands, with quick professional support and advice.

As animal lovers ourselves, we know that things happen that cause concern for our beloved furry family members. This is why we provide this convenient virtual veterinary service to our members. Owning a pet does not need to be stressful! With proper guidance from our professional team, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your pet’s health is in good hands.
Join our growing community network of veterinary providers and pet owners! Our team is here to help with any questions you may have about your pet’s health and wellness during your virtual vet visit. Need an answer about your pet quickly from the comfort of your own home? Schedule an online appointment through video or voice, and our licensed veterinarians will provide the best online vet services for your pet!