Why use QuigVet?

We are a community team that has a passion for animals and bringing vet wellness checks for people who may not have access to quick care, due to disabilities, lack of transportation, and more. Our budget-friendly approach provides an accessible option to address many common issues pet owners face. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and communication with our clients, and have the ability to provide this service quickly, with same day appointments!

There are many reasons to book a virtual vet appointment. You may need quick answers for urgent questions. QuigVet makes it possible for you to receive veterinary advice without distressing your pet with traveling and long wait times in a veterinary clinic. There are also urgent situations that may include your veterinarian being on vacation. It is convenient and available in all 50 states! Get the answers you need without even leaving your home. Booking vet advice appointments gives you easier access with no traffic, wait times, or hassle. We make it easy for you to get the advice you need.